The Secret to a Happy Marriage? Always Be Prepared

Cut cable, come up with a handshake instead!

Glen and I have been together for 10 years.

In that time, we have gone through a lot that we have been unprepared for. Probably because we spend way too much time preparing for very very unlikely scenarios instead.

Just in Case

Some scenarios we are very prepared for:

“What if a husband wife handshake competition breaks out and we need to dominate?” (We have two versions).

And “what if we lose power for the next 6 years and need to heat our house by woodstove?” (At one point in 2012 we owned all of the firewood in the Northeast).

All. of. it.

But easily my favorite unlikely scenario is “what if I was so intoxicated that I couldn’t walk and you had to drag me home.”

To further explain why this is so unlikely:

  • Glen and I were at a wedding this summer and started to feel sick at 10:15 pm because it was SO LATE; at this point our dance moves had been reduced to casual rhythmic head nods.
  • We recently found a beer in our fridge from 2009.
  • Once we ended a date night by going to CVS to buy birthday cards for our grandparents.

So, the probability that either one of us would be so blindly drunk that we would be unable to operate our limbs is staggeringly low. But nonetheless, we felt like we should really make sure we had this scenario covered.

And practice makes perfect, so we hit the gin, hard.

Body Drag Picture3
I’d like to wallpaper my house with this picture.

No, that’s incorrect. But we really did practice.

Practice Makes Passable

Generally we used the kitchen as our training grounds because tile is slippery and provided an extra challenge. Once we used a Home Depot parking lot while my dad was inside buying a grill. (Anyone who knows me or Glen will be 0% surprised by either of those sentences.)

We would take turns going completely limp and falling to the ground. Rescuer would have to catch faller on the way down and then drag the deadweight across the kitchen floor. It didn’t represent a true “bar to home” distance but the bones were there.

It was no joke either, you couldn’t break character. In fact, faller purposely tried to be as unhelpful as possible.

Sometimes you would fling a wayward limb to throw rescuer off balance. Or start muttering random words as a distraction. In fact usually rescuer didn’t have much advance notice of the fall. It wasn’t a “1, 2, 3 fall” situation. It could happen at any moment mid-conversation.

If you are going to prepare you might as well make it realistic.

You Never Know

Alas we have never had to showcase our skills in the real world.

Once Glen had to piggyback me through New York City because I wasn’t wearing sensible shoes but that’s really as close as we got.

However, we have a lot of life ahead of us, and we have grandparents who have recently set some serious #marriagegoals with their 60th wedding anniversaries, so I still feel pretty strongly this was time well spent.

New Jersey

And even if we never have to drag each other home from a night out on the town, we certainly got a lot of laughs out of this. That’s worth it any day of the week.

With appreciation for my husband and the Scout’s motto,

Becca Carnahan Blog

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6 Replies to “The Secret to a Happy Marriage? Always Be Prepared”

  • Wow. I probably had my husband actually carry through with that scenario in college. We were young. Now it might happen again, but after anything more than 2 drinks. No, I am lying, 2 is probably plenty. Glad y’all are getting lots of practice.

  • My husband and I really believed that Y2K was going to happen so we stocked up on EVERYTHING that would get us through the rough times. We had like 10 5gal. pails of dried beans…150# of wheat berries, two hand grinders to grind the berries into flour, a water purification system that we could use our pond water to drink if we had to, put in a hand pump for our well, canned fruit, bought a pressure canner for the meat, pounds of powdered milk, and because it never happened, I did not have to buy toilet paper until August of 2000!!!! Talk about being prepared. Now if a distaste looms ahead of us, I will just stock up on hard liquor and sit back and watch it happen!!!!!

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