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With love and a little self-deprecation

A quick and overdue pause to thank all of you who have tuned in since my little internet baby was born a few months ago. It’s been a milestoney blog week – my ramblings now make it into the email boxes of over 100 subscribers so I’m basically famous and I made my first $.69 commission from Amazon so I can retire comfortably pretty soon.

Raking in the cents with my humor blog and loving every minute of it.

Sarcasm aside, I’m genuinely excited about both of these things. And while I’ll probably continue to deflect raw emotion with humor until the end of time, I’m going to attempt to get all honest with you here. Every time I hit publish on this blog I hold my breath for a few minutes and wait to see if anyone will read my nonsense. Nonsense that I actually do care about a lot. So when I talk to people who have read my blog and they offer words of encouragement like, “Sweet baby cheeses, Becca… Why did you keep that creepy doll in your garage?” it feels really good. Awesome actually. So thanks guys, dreams can come true.


(90’s reference counter is now at 1.4 million if you’re keeping track.)

Creating blog content is a ton of fun for me. Like “stay up WAY too late on a week night and accidentally burned my legs with my laptop because I’m in the zone” fun. It’s also kind of scary to put yourself out there like this and make something for the world to see. So in addition to a thank you, today is also for some shout outs to the wordsmiths in my life. I don’t know that I ever really fully appreciated your bravery until I threw myself into writing on the world wide web. Thank you for all that you do – you’re inspiring.

This is the part where you go check out their stuff. Please and thank you. See you in a little bit.

2 Minute Stories (Podcast) – Justin spells creativity in all capital letters and with 6 exclamation points. More than once I’ve listened to one of his 2 minute stories and thought “Dude!! What just happened!?!” Add it to your podcast subscription list, fiction is good for the brain.

Amanda Grazioli (Blog and Freelance) – Amanda is CRUSHING it venturing out on her own as a freelance writer and communications consultant. Her blog is part of her business page and I love everything about it. Also, I’d recommend hiring her. Just throwing it out there.

Mnemonic (Podcast) – Ryan stopped recording this podcast and that’s terrible, terrible news. The man can weave a story like no other and the way he writes and speaks sucks you right into his world. Go listen to all of it, right now please.

Foster & Feed (Blog) – Melissa puts her heart out there in her blog about parenting, marriage, and the big ups and downs of life. She’s brave, and passionate, and honest. The world needs more of that.

Anthony Inverso (Short Stories) – Yes, the same Anthony of the Compound of Dreams. Anthony’s the real deal and recently taught me a valuable lesson about constantly putting yourself out there in the writing world. Also, he’s going to be famous in about 12 seconds I’m pretty sure so get on board now.

Lindsay Schlegel (Blog, Novel, Short Stories, and Freelance) – I could link to like 14 different places for Lindsay’s work on family, faith, and fertility (to just name a few). Beyond being basically the sweetest person I’ve ever met, Lindsay is super talented and has inspired me in more ways than one.

And the many, many more amazing creative people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing (like my new blogger buds – hey guys!) who write to entertain, to educate, and to bring a little something new to the world. 

So let’s just put it all out there – we create things because we love them in their own right. But we also create because we want to put something out there for someone else to enjoy too. And do I want this blog to really turn into something awesome? Well, you know what, yeah I really do. I think that’s okay to say. I hope that whatever you are working on turns into something awesome too. Need some support with it? Give me a call – I’m in your corner.

We’ll close with a toast. Please raise your glasses to the creators – the writers, the chefs, the painters, the photographers, the musicians, the sculptors, the Snapchat stars, the designers, the hilarious tweeters. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself. And to all of you reading, thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know a part of me. Cheers! (In the toast way, not the British way. We all know I’m not cool enough to pull off the British “Cheers!”)


With love and gratitude,

Becca Carnahan Blog






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