Party Like a Rock(y Mountain) Star: 3 Killer Colorado Destinations

Colorado needs to calm down. We get it, Colorado. Your scenery is the prettiest. Your people are the loveliest. Your state flag is the most appealing on a t-shirt. Your dogs are allowed in most all establishments. Your citizens have an average fitness level of a decathlete. The only negative thing I can say is that folks there call sneakers tennis shoes. But according to some quick research that’s a thing in like 2/3 of the country so even that misnomer gets a pass. (Kind of. What, are you always playing tennis??)

Great things to do in Colorado
We just got back from a week in the Wild West visiting my husband’s side of the fam and celebrating my little brother’s (and now sister-in-law’s) nuptials. I tried starting a blog post about the wedding and cried 11 times. I’ll get there but this particular post will contain other Colorado things and less me sitting dehydrated in a puddle of my own joyful tears.

I looked up the Colorado tourism board slogan and paraphrased it for you: “Welcome to Colorado, where we all do everything better than you, but we are super nice and will teach you our ways and invite you to stay for tacos. Which by the way, are better here.” Family is always the best part of our trips to the Rocky Mountain state, but my sister-in-law said I couldn’t invite the entire internet to her house for some reason. So here’s a few other great things to do instead.

Grand Lake

The first weekend was my future sister-in-laws bachelorette party at Grand Lake. A party I specifically bought ripped jean shorts for to fit in on the pontoon boat because leading up to this party I felt like a great-grandmother of 7, wondering if we were going to stay up past 9pm and if the ladies would want SPF 75 or 100. Glen laughed at the shorts but I totally blended. Well, I blended until a gentleman at the bar danced up on me and I responded with a polite “no, thank you.” That’s what I became known for at this party, politeness and making good scrambled eggs. There are worse ways to leave your legacy.

Beyond the truly excellent company of the most beautiful women with the most amazing hair I’ve seen in real life, Grand Lake was incredible. The lake – gorg. The pontoon boat – super fun. The Airbnb – lovely. The bars – hopping. If you’re thinking about a visit to Colorado I give this place two enthusiastic thumbs up, five stars, and an A+.

Denver Zoo

I have about a million mixed feelings about zoos. Basically those feelings are summed up as “Animals shouldn’t live in captivity, but OMG look at those elephants!” I love the Denver Zoo though because they do really great work with rescued animals and have created huge habitats keeping the animals physically and mentally stimulated. What did my kids enjoy most? The snacks really. Giraffes came in second.

If you’re in Colorado with kiddos check it out. Two enthusiastic thumbs up, five stars, and an A- (only because for some reason my kids seemed unimpressed that there was a tiger standing above our heads. Probably a knock on my parenting, not on the zoo. So forget it, A+)

Great things to do in Colorado

Red Rock Amphitheater

Gahhhhhhhh!!! This place is everything. I’ve wanted to see a concert at Red Rocks for a long time and totally geeked out when we got tickets to see Sam Hunt. I did a straw poll and the average reader did not want to read this blog post until the end of time so I had to find a way to talk about my feelings in about 100 words. I just wasted so many of them…

First, this place is part of the earth. Just a casual 250 million year old natural acoustic masterpiece. It seats a little less than 10 thousand people but somehow when you are in the audience you feel like you’re alone staring right into the artist’s soul and with everyone in the world at the same time. That doesn’t make sense? I can’t help you. That’s just how it is. Wind in your hair, view of the Denver sun setting behind the stage, ugh it’s so gosh darn beautiful I could pass out.

The artists were incredible too. Chris Janson crushed the opening with enthusiasm and a genuine love and appreciation for the gift of music. Maren Morris blew my mind with her pipes, 80’s Mercedes, and this inspiring closing song that made me so happy I thought I was going to sprout wings and fly away. And Sam Hunt? Dude, this guy is TALENTED. I knew he had hits, but did you know he wrote like every hit on country radio for other people? The amount of grit and skill up on that stage was out of control. I felt honored to witness it.

Rating? Four enthusiastic thumbs up (I borrowed Glen’s), 11 stars, and an B+. Long bathroom line. #sorrynotsorry.

Great things to do in Colorado

In summary, Colorado is my second favorite United State. But Massachusetts is getting jealous, so I’ll actually close with one more Colorado burn so my homeland doesn’t make me sleep on a couch in Rhode Island and Colorado doesn’t get too big of an ego. You know what Colorado doesn’t excel at? Providing oxygen. My resting heart rate was a casual 548 the whole time and I’m in good decent adequate passable shape. Way to make your guests feel badly about themselves, Colorado… gosh.


With an east coast heart and a desire to look cool wearing cowboy boots,

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3 Killer Colorado Destinations

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