10 Best Ben Rector Songs To Play On Repeat

10 best Ben Rector songs to play on repeat

Best Ben Rector Songs

I work from home on Wednesdays and Fridays, which means I can get a ton of work done while wearing leggings. Since my normal commute takes 364 hours this is a very good deal.

It also means I listen to a lot of music during the day without fear of disturbing anyone except for the mouse living in our walls. Brush past the mouse part, it’s not crucial to this post, just provides more insight into my life.

9 times out of 10 my work from home days include a soundtrack of Ben Rector on loop for 8 hours. Now I enjoy country music even though it tries to convince me to drop $400 on cowboy boots that I’ll wear once to a concert. And classic rock brings me back to a simpler time when my dad entertained the neighbors with song from our back deck. And I will happily admit to liking pop because if you don’t dance a little (a lot) to a Lady Gaga hook then you must be dead inside. But Ben Rector’s singer songwriter tunes, they are something special.

So for your reading and listening pleasure, some of Ben Rector’s best work. In no particular order because unlike my parents I don’t play favorites:


When a Heart Breaks

In case you want to sob uncontrollably alone in your living room between emails. Rips my heart out every single time. And then I press play again. Ben, if you found this on the interwebs, know that this song helped me feel less lonely during our miscarriages. The power of art, man.

Forever Life That

If you argued with your spouse about laundry earlier that day and you want to feel real badly about yourself. Or if you are looking for a good wedding song.


A straight up JAM for suburbanites. A sample lyric: “We got off work and met at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You looked at curtains, I bought a birthday card for mom. We wanted tacos, but the taco truck was gone. Last night was crazy, yeah.”

Note to Self

To remind yourself to start working on that to-do list and also to stop being the worst.

30,000 Feet

When you feel like being reflective but also want a catchy chorus stuck in your head for the rest of your life. “I’ve been better, I’ve been worse, I have loved a pretty girl. Seen a couple places that I’d never thought I’d see.” Ugh, it’s so darn cute.

The Men Who Drive Me Places

For a piece of humble pie and the realization you should tip a lot more. I heard an interview in which Ben said this was one of his favorites. I concur.

Brand New

Because Ben Rector brought his fans to Six Flags instead of making a regular music video for this song and even though roller coasters are torture chambers the big swings are the best and that’s very cool.

The Beat

The beat drops like 14 different times in this song and it’s great every time.


If you are like me and want to like John Mayer’s song by the same name but can’t because it feels disloyal to Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston.


This one is for anyone doing something scary but worth it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve blasted this tune after submitting an article to another website, or posting something vulnerable, or trying something new. This song runs in my veins at this point. Channeling my inner Ben, I hope to pass along the inspiration. You’ve got this!

There are so many more too. Check out Ben Rector’s newest album, Magic. Old Friends, Drive, Duo, and I Will Always Be Yours were released first as singles, but the rest are just as amazing and will MELT YOUR FACE.

Buy it and my kids will get to pick out the good granola bars this week. (That means it’s an affiliate link.)

After writing this one I feel like I have a promising future as a music critic. Maybe just on the side? Maybe just stick to writing nonsense? Fine. But still go listen to Ben Rector.

With unrealistic dreams that Ben will read this and we’ll become pen pals,

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