My Best Brother’s Wedding

My best brother's wedding - Rocky Mountain Wedding

The universally agreed upon “forever age” for younger siblings is 8. (I checked with like 5 sources on this so don’t worry about doing your own research. It’s been covered.) If you have a younger sibling, no matter how old they get, or how adult they are, you will always think of them as the 8 year old kid wearing wind suit pants eating a Lunchables pizza. 

So imagine my surprise when my 8 year old 29 year old brother got married. Didn’t he have soccer practice that weekend? How much should I write this check for so that he can get at least 2 sets of Legos as a wedding gift? Should I DVR Legends of the Hidden Temple for him? I think it’s on at 7pm Eastern, 6pm Central which would conflict with cocktail hour…

Rocky Mountain Colorado Wedding


Rocky Mountain Laws

In the state of Colorado 8 is apparently old enough to get married. They even let you buy a house and own multiple dogs at that age. Bizarro if you ask me. But fine, Colorado, you’re pretty, so you do you.

I’m deflecting emotion in this post and I’m deflecting HARD. Because in all reality when my brother got married a couple weeks ago I almost needed an IV to get me and my overactive tear ducts through the night. To be fair I cry at that Amazon commercial where the baby starts loving her dog once he gets a lion mane wig so I have a relatively low threshold for tears. Actually wait, have you seen this commercial? If it doesn’t get a little dusty in your house/office/grocery store line while watching this then you are made of stone. Stone I say!



Rocky Mountain Feels

I wasn’t the only one losing all of my chill at my brother’s wedding though. You remember how my brother is pretty much the friendly guy next door mixed with a modern day Saint right? Well, he married the female equivalent. And they wrote their own vows. And the officiant wrote a letter to their future children. And one of their dear friends wrote a poem about their love.

TEARSSSSSSSSS. All the tears from everyone. In the most joyful, OMG this is the gift of true love, where is Nicholas Sparks when you need him, these two are going to change the world/are already changing it kind of way.


Rocky Mountain Fears

Glen, the kids and I were all in the wedding too. I wish I could fully explain to you how invested we were in being in this wedding. Shortly after Tom and Sarah got engaged, most conversations Glen and I had revolved around all the bridal party scenarios and whether or not we would make the cut. So needless to say, we were incredibly enthusiastic when we were asked to stand by their sides. Glen spent months getting in “wedding shape.” With some serious assists from the bridal party and the moms, I put together a rehearsal dinner slideshow designed to provoke the perfect combination of laughter, nostalgia, and “look at their love!!!” We were prepared.

Until the rehearsal when we suddenly became terrified that our toddlers would refuse to walk down the aisle/throw epic toddler tantrums/get scared and run into the nearby creek. None of those things happened though. The kids CRUSHED it. In my totally unbiased opinion, they were the best ring bearer and flower girl to ever walk the walk. I’ll be riding this proud train for many many moons.

Rocky Mountain Wedding Ring Bearer and Flower Girl


Rocky Mountain Love

Overall, my best brother’s wedding was exactly like him. And exactly like his beautiful bride. Fun, unique, eco-friendly, outdoorsy, inclusive, sweet, hilarious, and kind. Can a wedding be kind? We’ll go with yes. It was an incredibly kind wedding.

So cheers to my brother Tom and sister-in-law Sarah. For 8 year old kids you are both showing some serious foresight choosing each other as partners for life. I wish for you a lifetime of love, happiness, and adventure. Also, you’re both stuck with me and Glen until the end of days… Sorry about that.

With so much love for the love birds,

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