20 Things to Love About Fall

I have it on good authority that if you don’t write a blog post about “things you love about fall” the internet revokes your URL. No questions asked. It’s kind of a harsh rule, but I get it. And as a rule follower by nature I’m just not willing to fall on my sword on this one.

So without further ado…

My top 20 things to love about fall

Hoodies, Football, Panic dreams about your wood stove. What's not to love?

1. Football

2. Hoodies

3. How irrationally angry I get stuck in traffic behind school buses

Favorite things about fall


4. The first fire in the wood stove

5. The first panic dream I have about our house being on fire and not being able to call 911 because someone cut our non existent phone lines and hacked into our cell phones

6. Apple picking

My favorite things about fall

7. Pretending to know what “transitional wardrobe pieces” are

8. Warm socks

9. How excited my husband gets about “seasonal decor”

10. My annual letter to the mall calmly explaining that September is simply too early for Christmas decorations

11. Inevitably buying a Christmas decoration in October

12. Halloween candy

13. Sweatpants

Things I love about fall.

14. Buying my 1 year old brown ankle boots so she stays on trend

15. Wearing 4 year old knock off Toms with holes in the toes while thinking “I should really buy myself some brown ankle boots.” And then buying more knock off Toms instead.

16. Being a smug New Englander posting pictures like this on the internet with the caption, “Taken from my car window. No big deal. #NoOneDoesFallLikeNewEngland”

My favorite things about fall

17. Yankee Candles

18. Other people’s lists about fall that are actually helpful

19. Number 16 again because whatever I’ll be smug all I want – that picture is dope.

20. Days in fall that still feel like summer because all I really want is to wear flip flops all year round while still enjoying seasons and I don’t think that’s too much to ask.


I’m not entirely sure I did this right… So internet please give me a pass this time, it’s my first year blogging. Next year’s things to love about fall post will be way less snarky and will mention pumpkin spice at least three times. Are we cool?

Share your favorite snarky or non snarky things to love about fall in the comments! Because even though fall isn’t summer, it’s still really lovely.


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