All Kinds of Fancy at Le Diner en Blanc

The alternate title for this post was “Am I cool enough to be here?” Without #bff Kel the answer would most definitely have been a hard no. In fact Kel was the only reason I was cool enough to be at Le Diner en Blanc. And now all I want is to be this cool and fancy forever.


What Is Le Diner en Blanc?

Le Diner en Blanc was launched in Paris 29 years ago by a group of friends whose homes I imagine to be covered in rich mahogany and leather bound books. The group of fancy friends were meeting up for a classy evening picnic and decided to wear all white so they could easily find one another (and make everyone turn their heads and say, “gosh, those people look lovely!” but in French so it sounded nicer.)

This gathering has evolved over the years to 10,000 sophisticated picnicers in Paris and dozens of other smaller yet equally as stunning events around the world. Alright maybe not “equally.” Calm down, Paris…Β The Boston Diner en Blanc hosted around 1,000 guests from the greater Boston area and around the United States. And It. Was. Awesome.

So based on what I’ve learned from Kel and my recent personal experience, I present to you how to…


How to Le Diner en Blanc

1. Get yourself on the wait listΒ or get a best friend who has frequented these events for years and is a Diner en Blanc member to invite you.

Le Diner En Blanc Hair Pieces

2. Wear all white (accessories included, which is why my “purse” for the evening was a reusable grocery bag) and feel downright fabulous doing it.

3. Bring your own table, white table cloth, real silverware, and table decor.

le diner en blan centerpiece

4. Be fancy and have a best friend who can make hypoallergenic illuminated fascinators that land you in Boston Magazine.Β Maybe. Our picture was taken and they wrote down our names. I’m just putting it out there into the ether like they tell you to in The Secret and hoping it becomes reality.

5. Meet at various locations around the city and then walk to the super secret location where everyone will set up and make tourists and locals alike stop eating their Mike’s pastry for a moment and say “what the Sam Hill is happening over on the Rose Kennedy Greenway?”

le diner en blanc Boston 2017
6. Eat a lovely picnic that you bring or buy at at the event while live music is played and pretend like you are in a murderless Great Gatsby.

7. If you live in Philadelphia, enjoy the wine you brought yourself because Philly is BYOB everywhere and dude, that’s awesome. If you are in Boston, indulge in the bottle of champagne they give you at the wine bus because the Pinot Grigio you preordered ran out. Congratulate yourself on your life choices.

8. Drink your champagne as you walk through the crowds of people back to your table with your best friend while wearing incredible homemade hear wear and get lots of compliments from strangers. #LivingOurBestLife
Le Diner en Blan Outfit and Wine
9. Watch strangers dance in a fountain while you wave your sparkler glow stick enthusiastically and think “yeah, that’s beautiful but there is no way on God’s green earth I’m getting in that fountain right now.”

Le Diner en Blanc 2017

10. Write a blog post about it within 24 hours because it’s easily the coolest thing you’re going to do this year so you should probably bump the post you had scheduled about your neighbor’s cat to another week.


Other Le Dinering Tips:

If you are a fellow toddler wranger, get dressed 30 seconds before you need to leave the house. White dresses and 2 year olds who ask you to hold their popsicles don’t go well together.

Bring/order white wine. Unless you thrive on living dangerously. In which case, bring the Merlot and may the odds be ever in your favor.

If you are the passenger on the drive to your Diner en Blanc location, be helpful. Don’t ramble on and on about what you’ve been watching lately on Netflix and then say “Oh! Um, that’s our exit…” as you are 4 feet from the exit.

To make a 634 word story short, get yourself on the list for this glorious event. I know I’m not the first person you go to for classy, sophisticated, hip things to do in cities, but I really mean it. Le Diner en Blanc > Other things and your participation is strongly encouraged.


With far fewer stains on my dress than I anticipated and lots of great memories,


Want to feel super fancy? Go to Le Diner en Blanc. Events all around the world!

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