The Sibling Love Hug Tackle: Our Story on!

There's nothing like the love of a sibling.

Our family is on the Huggies website! Dude! How cool is that?


Hugs for Huggies

This summer I was contacted by a writer doing an article for Huggies on first hugs between siblings. She wanted to feature me as one of the moms in the piece, so naturally I geeked out a little (a lot) and started writing the next great American novel about the first time Jack and Norah met.

Siblings meet for the first time.


Only a paragraph of my masterpiece was featured – I guess Huggies wanted perspectives from other moms and also wanted to save room on their website to sell diapers. Color me VERY confused.

The other perspectives are so sweet though so I’ll allow it. The full article is here and it’s both adorable and informative. Great job, Karen!

I answered a few questions for the story and provided an unsolicited narrative version which was probably kind of annoying for lovely Karen. But she was cool about it and the version she pulled together from my writing was perfect. If you’re so inclined the full version of the story I submitted for the piece is below. Don’t worry, I edited it down from 548 pages to a more reasonable 4 paragraphs.


How Siblings Are Made

My kids are really close in age. Like “strangers asking if I know how babies are made” close in age. So when Jack (15 months) came to the hospital to meet Norah the day she was born we really didn’t know what to expect. Would he be scared of the hospital room? Think Norah was a baby doll? Wonder why there weren’t more snacks?

Donning a “Big Brother” shirt we bought when he was six months old (yikes!), Jack came into the room with a big balloon and the phone numbers of at least four nurses. True to form, his first request was for a snack, but then he came to sit with us on the hospital bed to meet his baby sister. Jack grinned ear to ear, softly patted Norah’s head, and then reached out to hug her and give her a kiss. Every worry I had about having 2 kids well under 2 melted away. Everything was going to be okay. More than okay. They had each other and it felt amazing knowing we could give them that gift.

After we brought Norah home from the hospital the next day, it was more of the same. Hugs, kisses, and snacks. And it’s been like that for the past 14 months. Sometimes it’s super sweet, usually it’s a little aggressive. Like a love hug tackle. But my girl is tough as nails. And she loves her big brother more than anything in the world. Well, besides snacks.

First Hug


Love, Light, and Lightning McQueen

So thank you for the opportunity, Huggies! It was really fun and honestly quite moving to reflect on this moment in our lives. The pain of losing Jack and Norah’s three older siblings will never fully subside, but when I really stop to watch the love these two have for one another, I see the light of all five of them shining so brightly. I’ll cherish that light all the days of my life.

Plus, on a more lighthearted note, Huggies Pull-Ups with Lightning McQueen on them are totally awesome and I’m being paid zero dollars to say that.

But if you buy Pull-Ups from Amazon I might make a buck, that I’ll promptly spend on more Pull-Ups.

With love, light, and lots of diapers,





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