1 Minute of Activity, 20 Minutes of Silence & More Dessert: Good Advice from Helpful People

With Love and a Little Self-Deprecation is a lot of things, just not “helpful” or “informative” or “grammatically correct.” And to mine ownself I will continue to be true. The next post on here will probably be a giant run on sentence about my feelings on waffles.

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But other people fill the blogging niche of helpful and informative very nicely and I enjoy their work because selfishly their advice has been beneficial to my life. My house is more organized, I have more time, I’m more creative (I mean seriously, when I do eventually write that post about waffles it’s going to be fantastic), I’m more chill, and I can eat more dessert. I should have started with that one and written it in all caps. MORE DESSERT!

Want your world rocked? Check out 3 pieces of advice from helpful people, and 1 closing thought from me. Sort of from me.

3 simple changes to improve creativity, organization, and make more room for dessert!

1 Minute Rule

After reading about the 1 Minute Rule on I’m Busy Being Awesome, I’m low-key obsessed. The principle: If you can do something in less than 1 minute, just do it right now. And then it’s going to be done. Looking at a stack of towels that need to be put away, just put them away right now. Remembered that you still haven’t emailed your friend back simply to say “yes, I will be there and will bring wine,” do it right now.

I’ve found that there are about a million things I can do in less than one minute that I consistently put off. Now that I have a Nike commercial running in my head all the time, I just do it and all of a sudden my plate seems much less full. Go read the full article here for more 1 minute rule examples and ways to organize your life. It will just take a minute. (Okay maybe 5 minutes, but treat yo self.)

20 Minutes of Boredom

I have two toddlers, I work full-time, my entire family wants to eat dinner every night for some reason, and I fancy myself a comedian. My entire life is basically one giant multitasking whirlwind. Even my commute is spent (responsibly) multitasking by listening to the radio or reciting nonsense into voice memos for future blog posts.

But after reading a piece on But First, Coffee about the power of boredom to increase your creativity and solve problems, I’ve been working on adding some more quiet time to my day. And I LOVE it.

Now when I get in the car, I don’t turn on the radio instinctively anymore. Instead I drive in silence for at least twenty minutes. Using that time to a) be a good driver and b) not be distracted by 1 million things has been so valuable. I find myself coming up with better ideas for work, home, and blogging when I get my brain in “default mode” and make some audio space for those ideas. Read more about the power of boredom here, and then go make a little “get bored” time in your day and let me know what you think.

Save Room for Dessert

The title of this article on My Frosted Life is “13 Ways to Reduce Sugar Intake and Save Room for Dessert.” My first thought, “what is this click bait??” My second thought, “click!”

So my first lesson from this one was “Don’t be a hater when you literally have a blog post titled “I Can’t Get a Tattoo Because of Jonathan Taylor Thomas” on your own site. Sometimes a title is both accurate and inherently clickable.

The other lesson, I was eating too much sugar and not enjoying it enough. Things like breakfast cereals, flavored yogurt, tomato sauce and processed peanut butter really add up. And let’s face it, I would rather have ice cream than a bowl of raisin bran. In fact, I’d like ice cream right now. BRB.

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I loved the practicality in this article, written by a dietitian to boot, because it gave simple advice without being holier than thou. Also, after making a couple easy changes I got to eat guilt free chocolate. (There’s a slight chance I have focused my efforts too much on the dessert.) Go see the rest of the tips!

My Advice

Again, I don’t really offer much in this area, but I thought of one. Laugh more. Or actually,  someone else already said it way better:

3 Pieces of Good Advice from Helpful People

With gratitude to good bloggers and a weird craving for waffles topped with ice cream,

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12 Replies to “1 Minute of Activity, 20 Minutes of Silence & More Dessert: Good Advice from Helpful People”

  • Yes, I heard a great article on NPR (in the car, when I should have had the radio off) on the power of allowing yourself to be “bored.” So good for our brains, evidently. Those quiet times–shower (now that my boys are past the barging-in stage), drive, porch-sit–need to stay quiet. Instead of thinking we’re doing so much good for our brains, filling in all the quiet moments with a podcast, we’re probably better off being bored once in a while. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thanks for reading! It’s been a game changer for me! My kids are still in the barging-in stage but I hope that you get to enjoy a nice quiet shower. I look forward to that in about 5 years.

  • YAY – thanks so much for including my post! That just made my day 🙂 Also – bonus points for your multiple use of Parks and Rec references and/or GIFS in this post. That’s a definite win. Also – that Fred Allen quote is incredible. Looking forward to your official waffles post 🙂

  • The one minute rule is great and I would also add the 10 minute rule – which I use a lot. When you have a BIG project that you’ve been dreading – cleaning out a kitchen cabinet, organizing a closet, etc, just go do it for 10 minutes. After the first 10 minutes you are free to stop and do something else. What tends to happen with me is that I either completely finish in 10 minutes OR by the time I’ve done 10 minutes I’m totally engaged in the project and I just keep powering through until it’s done.

  • You had me at waffles…. seriously. I was so hungry during my pregnancy that I would get up at 3AM, eat a waffle and go back to sleep. I kept it under a minute, ate in silence and it was strawberry so essentially dessert. Bam! I checked everything off the list 🙂

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