Who Bit My Sister?

Biting, Brothers, and Mob Bosses


Norah has gotten bit at daycare a couple times this fall. I’m not psyched about it, but I understand. 1 year old kids don’t have a fully developed vocabulary to verbalize their feelings. They are also still trying to push bone through their tiny sensitive gums. Sounds pretty fun.

And while I do feel ALL the mom guilt when it happens because “OMG my baby got bit because I left her ALL ALONE” I do understand that it just as easily could have happened while she was with me. At a playground. At the library. At our weekly Mike Tyson Baby Boxing class. Some things can’t be avoided.

But big brother Jack is NOT so understanding.

Jack must have heard us talking about Norah getting bit because the next day after it had happened things got SUPER real at drop off.

The Scene: 7:30am, daycare drop off. 6 tiny 1 year olds are sitting around a table eating cereal with their teacher.

Jack marches into the classroom with Norah and goes up to her teacher.

“Who bit Norah?”

“Oh, Jack I can’t tell you that. But she’s okay now. See, she’s happy!” – Teacher

Jack turns to all the little children around the table and his glare turns icey.

“Who bit my sister?”


“Who bit her??”

Jack rolls up his sleeves, cracks his knuckles, and a lackey shows up out of nowhere to light Jack’s cigar. Perhaps Jack hadn’t made himself perfectly clear.


1 year olds don’t have a great gauge on when they are being threatened by the toddler mafia so they all just stared back at him for a minute and then went back to their Kix.

I somehow convinced Jack it was going to be okay and that Norah could fight her own battles. But if I had been the one who had bit Norah… man, I would have been shaking in my velcro sneakers…

Don’t mess with Jack’s sister.


With lots of love for my little mob boss and my tough little cookie,

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