8 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Move Your Child Into a Toddler Bed

When is my child ready for a toddler bed?


Conventional wisdom says you should move your toddler out of his crib and into a big kid bed when he can climb out of the crib. That seems smart. #Safety.

But did you know that you can move your child into a toddler bed even sooner if you find yourself in any of these eight situations? (Contains affiliate links)

Should you move your child into a toddler bed? Find out if you and your family are ready!

1. You suddenly decide that you hate sleep.

There’s too much life to live! What does your house look like at 2:30 am? Does your toddler have any important questions that he didn’t have time to ask in the daylight? Make good use of all your hours – you can sleep when you’re dead.

2. You’d like to test your toddler’s durability.

Cribs are great, but how will you know if your child can withstand a 7 inch fall several times a night if you don’t rip that band aid off? Kids these days are getting soft.

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3. You’re questioning whether or not you should have a third kid and want to see what it’s like to wake up three times a night again.

Babies are sweet and cute and cuddly. Maybe one more? Can I survive the newborn stage again? Easy way to figure it out – give the toddler a bed! Toddler beds answer a lot of questions.

4. All intimacy in your marriage has died.

Things in the bedroom slowed down to a halt? Might as well lean into it and make sure your toddler is awake at all times and able to walk into your room at any given moment.

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5. You have a day off during the week and it’s too cold to go outside.

Project time! Get out that drill, convert the crib into a toddler bed, anchor the furniture, screw with your family dynamic! Watching television all day is for lazy people.

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6. You get lonely during nap time.

Where is that little bugger? Why does he need to nap so much? I really want to play Hot Wheels and be told that I cut his apple slices incorrectly. I wish he could sit in his bed for 12 seconds at nap time before deciding he isn’t tired and waltz down the stairs to keep me company…

7. You’re considering getting new carpet.

You walk on your carpet every day, but have you slept on it recently? If not, you really don’t fully understand how worn or not worn your carpeting truly is. Get that kid into a toddler bed, give the carpet next to his new bed a real test drive while you try to convince him to stay in that bed in the middle of the night, then make your decision.

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8. Your life is free from regret.

So far you’ve made a lot of great choices. No questionable hair cuts, good looking resume, your walks have been free from shame. That’s boring! Other people must find you insufferable. Take a chance and get your toddler out of that crib. It will make your memoir more interesting.

There might be more reasons to make the move. But I’m too tired to think about them, because if it wasn’t super clear, we gave our toddler a bed.

With under eye bags too big for the overhead compartment,


8 ways to know you are ready to move your toddler from a crib to a bed
When to move your child into a toddler bed.

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