Best Gear for 2 Under 2 Life

When you have two babies in two years you learn the ins and outs of baby supplies pretty darn quickly.

Well, truth be told, by the second child and through a lot of trial and a lot more error you learn the ins and outs of baby supplies.

With Jack, I had the audacity to think my child would simply accept all of the baby items we had purchased and embrace them for their proper use. That’s utter foolishness.

Just because you have a bassinet does not mean your baby will enjoy the bassinet (read: sleep in). And just because you have a baby carrier, doesn’t mean you’ll know how to put it on in a way that won’t make your child scream in your face for 25 minutes like he’s at a death metal concert.

But thanks to some experienced parents, and by learning from our mistakes (sorry Jack), we did find some things that we loved.

And since I’m at the age when a lot of my loved ones are entering into what a friend refers to as “procreation station”, I have baby stuff on the brain. My friend Melissa wrote a really great blog post about some must have baby supplies. Go read that. Mine will likely be a little less useful, but I promise at least four moderately amusing jokes.  

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My Top Toddler and Baby Gear Recommendations

Baby Banana Toothbrush

This one seems weird, I get that. But with Jack we started brushing his teeth a little later than we should have as a baby and we got the brunt of his wrath in return. Getting his teeth brushed became a full body workout.

Norah started getting her “teeth” brushed basically straight out of the womb. Using this little toothbrush/teether and some water, Norah got super used to brushing her teeth twice a day and nowadays with a full set of chompers, we can brush her teeth with no problem. Ah, progress.

Video Baby Monitor

“What do we need a video monitor for?” we said with arrogance and naivete. “We can get a regular audio monitor and if he cries we will go get him.”

That was dumb.

Sometimes babies/toddlers cry a little in their sleep but they aren’t awake. You know what will wake them up though? You running into the room. And if you’re sleep training, your kiddo might stand up in the crib for a few minutes being REAL mad.

But if you have a video monitor you can watch him go from real mad to “fine I’m tired… I’ll lay down” and you won’t need to worry that the sudden quiet is the baby drawing up maps to plot his revenge.

And sometimes you just want to roll over in your bed and check on your little ones and watch their cute little chests go up and down as they breathe peacefully. That’s right kids, I watch you while you sleep… It’s fine.

For the two under two set, we have this Motorola with two cameras.

Shower Hats

Jack always liked the bath. Except the hair part. Which is fair because I don’t think I would like being water boarded either. He always got over it with minimal crying though.

Norah was a different adventure. She would happily sit in the bathtub for about 3.5 minutes. Not about. Exactly 3.5 minutes. And then she would start screaming like you had taken away all the love, hope, and crackers in the world. Particularly if you tried to wash her hair in those 3.5 minutes. And then Jack would start to lose it too. Torturous.

So we decided to throw money at the problem and buy these little shower hats. And dude, they are awesome. The first couple times Norah thought they were demons coming to possess her soul, but when she realized that they were actually engineered to protect her eyes from water and soap she was on board. Bathtime is now enjoyable for all. If your babies or toddlers are anti hair washing, I recommend these bad boys strongly.

Formula Dispensers

Breast feeding mamas, pumping mamas, formula feeding mamas (and papas) – you do you. There are a lot of right ways to parent and I support you!

For us, after multiple lactation consultants looked at my anatomy quizzically and basically said “Hmmmm…. well maybe if you breast feed in this harness that I can hang from your ceiling fan… That might work” we decided to go the formula route.

If you are formula feeding, these little travel formula containers were awesome. For some reason with Jack we put formula in little snack bags when we were out and about and it never worked out well. I felt like I needed a degree in engineering to get all the formula out of the bag.

These travel formula dispensers though – you dump the formula right into the bottle with no mess. And it takes less time so you can feed the baby and get the toddler down from the store mannequin he inexplicably climbed. Winning.

One More Thing!

I LOVE me some Amazon. And the Amazon Baby Registry. The convenience! The prices! The fact that I don’t need to put on real pants to buy diapers!

But before you buy anything look at consignment/yard sales/Craigslist. We found bouncy seats, toys, a Pack ‘n Play, hiking backpack, etc. All very lightly used and for pennies on the dollar. Two under two is NOT CHEAP. Reduce, reuse, recycle yo!

And most importantly have a blast! Two under two is absolutely nuts, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

With a couch that is currently covered in squashed bananas because kids,


Honorable Mentions:

BOB Double Stroller – Because walks are good for everyone’s mental and physical health. But I BEG you to find one of these second-hand like we did. They are wonderful but also crazy expensive to buy new.

Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks – Because you’ll want to keep both kids out of the cleaning supplies without a massive and frustrating safety latch that takes 4 years to open

Cloth Diapers (For Burp Cloths) – Because kids are messy.

Clip On Table Chair – Because it’s a good idea to keep at least one of the kids securely immobile during meals.

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