Sunday, Sunday, Sunday: A Football Love Story

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

February on With Love and a Little Self-Deprecation is dedicated to love. Family love, friendship love, marriage love, “that wasn’t even close to being” love – just lots and lots of love. But in a funny way, I promise. First up on the My Funny Valentine Series: A Football Love Story.

Sunday Funday

We are a football family. From the time Glen and I started dating, Sundays were for football. Patriots for me, Broncos for him, and honestly whoever was on TV for both of us. If a game was on, and we weren’t being coupley and going to go look at fall leaves together (barf), then we were watching football. And obsessively checking our fantasy football scores.

Gillette Stadium-October

Fast forward to life with kids. Jack was born in February 2015 after football season was over so we had 7 months to get our affairs in order as parents before football Sundays started up again. But we got it in our heads that our kids wouldn’t be watching TV. Like a bunch of chumps. So despite being clothed in full football attire all fall, Jack was kept sequestered from the television and we would take turns playing with him and watching our games. But we still had naptime for watching games together and Jack wasn’t moving all that fast yet, so we could still sneak peaks at the TV to stay up to date.

That season, the Patriots won the Superbowl – proving that even though our relationship with football had hit a bump in the road, the love was still alive.

Then Norah was born in June 2016. Her timing was actually pretty good for football watching purposes because she still enjoyed a good nap on Mommy/Daddy in her younger days. So the first part of the season in 2016 sometimes one of us would get to watch most of a game with a sleepy baby laying on our chests. Not bad work if you can get it. But the other adult was definitely chasing a toddler. And many days both of us were toddler chasing because football was definitely giving way to family time. Which is good. We made these people, so it made sense to invest our time in them instead of Josh McDaniel’s game plan.

That season the Bronocos won the Superbowl, and Glen got to see them win the AFC Championship live in Denver. Football was a forgiving lover.

AFC Championship Broncos Patriots 2017

A Long Distance Football Relationship

As the 2017 season rolled around, we found ourselves the proud parents of two very active toddlers. Jack and Norah had coinciding naps, but Jack’s were getting shorter by the day. Plus our preposterous no TV rule had started it’s rapid decline and post nap requests for Daniel Tiger or Creative Galaxy started to pop up on the regular. Now we don’t always give in to our children’s demands, but we often give into their very polite asking to watch one show after nap please. And after that, well we had to get these kids outside for their health and well being and to protect the interior design/ structural integrity of our home.

As the total game watching started to decline, we tried to supplement with reading articles, listening on the radio, and checking scores during stroller walks. We were doing our best to maintain our football relationships. But to be honest, they were faltering. Football told me it didn’t feel like it even knew me anymore. Football told Glen that they just weren’t communicating like they used to. It wasn’t anyone’s fault really. Except parenting books.

Want You Back, Want You Back for Good

Yet still here we are, on the eve of another Patriot’s Super Bowl appearance. As much as I’ve tried to Old Yeller Football away, it keeps on coming back and giving me another chance. I love Football for that. It’s understanding, and compassionate, and just won’t quit on us.

And I’m starting to see a glimmer of hope for our relationship. During the AFC Championship, Norah nestled in next to me on the couch for the whole first half happily chowing down a bowl of chips and guacamole. You are my spirit animal, little lady. By the second half, she had finally stopped saying “Go Broncos” and was raising her fists in victory after touchdowns.

When Jack woke up from his nap he did watch some cartoons on my computer for a half hour (shout out to Merm and Tom for the Netflix password), but then he started getting into the game too. He wanted to know where Tom Brady was at all times. And then when the game got tense Jack perched onto my shoulders like a parrot because as any football fan knows, sometimes you need to watch in weird positions so that the team can feel your positive juju.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday: A Football Love Story

As we ate a picnic dinner in front of the TV while the game wrapped up, Glen and I exchanged knowing glances across the ottoman. They kids are starting to feel it too. True love runs deep.

So Football, you are my first of several funny valentines this month. I love you, and I’m coming back to you. Thank you for your patience.

With oodles of Patriot pride,


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