1 Year of Love and Self-Deprecation: A Blogiversary

1 year of love and self-deprecation: A blogiversary

It’s been 365 days since I hit publish on my very first blog post. And 364 days since I realized that I had made at least two grammar mistakes. And 363 days since someone actually read that post. And 362 days since I realized I made another grammar mistake.

In lieu of a blog’s first birthday smash cake, which I totally should have done but didn’t because “responsibilities,” With Love and a Little Self-Deprecation is getting its very own non baby book baby book. A post full of milestones, comical missteps, and peeks behind the curtain of the #bloggerlife. Take a walk down memory lane with me.

Why do we blog? Because it's fun! Join me for 365 days of blogging missteps, big wins, and lots of laughs.

Because You Gotta Have Friends

It’s been 309 days since With  Love and a Little Self-Deprecation got a Facebook page and I swallowed all of my pride and started inviting people to like my page. This was the adult equivalent of passing a note in elementary school asking a boy to circle yes or no to determine your future relationship. Except I never did that because I was too scared of rejection. So yeah, I’ve come a long way.

253 days since I found my blogger tribe. It could have been 275 days but I thought Erika from Dorky Mom Doodles was inviting me to join a weight loss pact because I typed the name of the group into Facebook search wrong and got all offended.

175 days since my new buddy Darlene said I was “Funny AF” and I got real conceited about it.

Let’s Get Technical

355 days since I realized that you could add photos to blog posts. Technology, right??

49 days since I went into full panic mode because my blog went down after I transferred my domain to SiteGround and didn’t do the scary technical stuff correctly. Props for fixing it quickly before I had an existential crisis about my contributions to the world, SiteGround. Well done.

23 days since I purchased what I thought might be a good redirect URL for my crazy long blog name… WithLoveBecca.com. But I bought WthLoveBecca.com because you shouldn’t drink and buy domain names. So that still exists, and I don’t hate it, because I like to think of it as “WTH(for the)Love(of all things holy)Becca, (PROOFREAD).com!”

Also Glen said as long as I got a second job I could buy WithLoveBecca.com too. So stop by Dunkin between 4am and 7am Monday – Friday and I’ll hook you up with a (full priced) iced coffee. And use that URL if you ever forget how to spell Self-Deprecation like I do, on the daily.

Working Hard For the Money

182 days since I made $.69 through affiliate marketing on my blog and I started calling myself an entrepreneur.

19 days since I thought it would be a good idea to include some ads on my site. And 17 days since I realized that Google had put an ad for mail order brides from Thailand on my site and I almost threw up while frantically deleting code.

25 days since my first sponsored blog post was published and I realized that I could write authentically, have a good time while helping out a company, get to try fun stuff for free, and give away cool things to readers. Not bad work if you can get it.

Playing Favorites

316 days since I full body sobbed while writing this post and then shared it with the world. There Are Three: How Miscarriage Broke My Heart and Gave Me Everything continues to be my most read post and I honestly hope that never changes. I’ll spew lots more nonsense in year 2, and year 3, and if blogging still exists then year 48. But if no one ever reads anything else I write ever again, I’ll be happy knowing that There Are Three is out there.

272 days since I planted readers firmly into two camps, Team Baby Howie and Team BECCA, WHAT THE HELL!? THAT BABY DOLL IS CLEARLY POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL. Team Baby Howie is still accepting new members.

84 days since we crowned a With Love and a Little Self-Deprecation Very Merry Christmas Movie Bracket winner. And 83 days since I decided we are absolutely doing that again and I compiled a list of ways to improve the bracket for 2018.

Oh, and 364 days since I completely fell in love with blogging, decided I want to do this all the time forever, and started to map out a future in which all of this nonsense someday becomes a book that strangers might buy at the airport. It will probably be called “Mommy, you’re not the worst.” But there’s still time to think about it.

Please Don’t Leave Me

It’s been a wild ride my friends. And I wouldn’t change any of it. Well, the mail order bride part probably… Thank you for reading, laughing, crying a little, and supporting this ole dream of mine. You are downright magical.

With love and a little self-deprecation,


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