A Very Disney Movie Bracket

Disney Movie Bracket
Disney Movie Bracket

The brackets are back, baby! Disney movie brackets this time! But first, some context. Some really funny context.

We Got Frozen

We decided to show our kids Frozen for the first time recently. We thought it would be nice for family movie night, and we also decided that we are comfortable never watching another television program or movie ever again.

Glen thought I was being ridiculous when I told him that Frozen was like the kid drug of choice. “They are going to get hooked on this, Glen… This isn’t some kind of gateway movie like Dory. It’s the real deal. We have to talk about this…” He shrugged it off, but agreed that buying it rather than renting was probably good because they may want to watch it again in “the future.”

But the future was now. As in approximately 7 hours later when Frozen was again on our television.

watch frozen again
Specifically a backbone.

Disney G.O.A.T

I can’t really blame them. The songs are impossibly catchy, Olaf is adorable, and I’d happily be cursed with magic freezing powers to have Elsa’s hair. I got a little worked up on the second viewing when I realized Kristophe was mansplaining to Anna a bit too much and I had a little sit down with Jack when he told me his favorite character was Hans… but overall, strong movie.

But is it the best? Does it really deserve all the kid praise when we live in a world in which Little Mermaid also exists? I put this question out there to the With Love and a Little Self-Deprecation enthusiasts on Facebook to see if we could find a definite answer.

The question was simple: Name the best Disney animated movie and defend your choice with a PowerPoint presentation, diorama or just a line about why the movie is so great. 

There were fewer PowerPoints and dioramas than I’d hoped for, but the passion was clearly there. This definitely needed to be researched further.

Drunk Dumbo?

No one answered Dumbo though. Which made perfect sense, because WTH Dumbo writers!? I’ll explain.

My team at work was having a little birthday celebration for one my coworkers recently. We started talking about Disney movies and the conversation went all over the place.

“Which one is your favorite?”
“Why do so many parents die in Disney movies?”
“Have you re-watched any of them and realized the inappropriate bits inserted specifically for adults?”

I had a good answer for that last one. The kids took a Frozen break because Jack found Dumbo on DVD in the TV cabinet. I remembered it being a pretty harmless film and I liked the idea of changing things up a little.

But about a half hour into Dumbo I was BEGGING for some mainsplaining Kristophe. Does anyone else remember that there was a solid 20 minutes of this one hour movie during which Dumbo and Timothy the mouse were drunk out of their minds and hallucinating pink dancing elephants? They get so drunk that they end up in a tree not knowing how they got there… Go watch it. I’m not kidding about this. At all.

Just the Dreamiest

But what happened next in this coworker conversation about Disney makes it my absolute favorite conversation about Disney, or quite frankly about anything.

Someone asked:

“Did you have a childhood crush on any of the characters?”

Acceptable answers for that question were, and are: Aladdin, Eric, Prince Charming, any other humans.

But thankfully one of my coworkers was a SUPER weird kid and had a better answer.

“Do you know who I thought was so hot? Goofy.”

The best part of this was that she realized the very  moment it came out of her mouth it should have stayed in there forever. The look of horror on her face was pure perfection as the rest of us around the table stared back in silence and started to question everything we knew about her, about life, about Disney characters…

“Wait… did you just say Goofy? Like… the dog?”

Apparently she meant Goofy’s son actually. Who is also a dog. Because that’s better. She even eventually double downed on this and admitted to affections for Adult Simba. Not JTT… Adult Simba.

I swear on my life I almost peed my pants laughing and I’m 100% sure I will NEVER let this go.


Did you skip down to the bracket part? That’s fine. I understand, but you missed some good stuff about Goofy’s sex appeal.

In any case, there was a call for a bracket in the aforementioned Facebook conversation and by Mickey, there is a bracket. We really need to figure out the Disney Greatest of All Time according to With Love and a Little Self-Deprecation readers, so I bring to you A Very Disney Movie Bracket!

We’re changing things up from A Very Merry Christmas Movie Bracket and taking our voting onto a swanky bracket site. Each round will be live for 48 hours and we kick off on Wednesday, April 18 at 8pm ET. You don’t need to sign up, just use this link or click on the bracket below. I’ll be posting reminders and the requisite smack talk over on Facebook so make sure you’re following along! For those who want to fill in their bracket ahead of time, subscribe to the weekly blog update email and I’ll send you the PDF printable version.

Additional details on timing and your participation ribbon here!

Oh and if I hadn’t made this clear earlier, I’m Team Little Mermaid. ALL DAY. I mean come on, Sebastian was so hot…

With great enthusiasm for your bracket enthusiasm,

3 Replies to “A Very Disney Movie Bracket”

  • Can I just say I rarely backtrack posts & enjoy them. I’m a little sad I missed out lol

    I remembered being so disappointed when I first saw Frozen. A year after it came on DVD. ALL the trailers made it seem like it was about Olaf & Sven. I legit cried when I realized it was another princess movie lol I even said we will NEVER do frozen in our house. And then I don’t know what happened but it was frozen movie. Frozen soundtrack. Frozen clothes. I regularly use “be like Elsa and let it goooooooo” to people 😊

    So I think I watched Dumbo once and remember nothing from it. Didn’t have princesses so I wasn’t interested.

    Fun fact: or well something that made a lot of sense lol my college professor told us why in most Disney movies and fairy tales the mother is usually dead is because ‘no mother would ever let her kids go through something like they do’. Makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

    Disney crushes though 😂 I can vaguely see the appeal to Goofys son… And weirdly I don’t think I ever had one from the animated movies.

    But my hands down favorite classic Disney movie from my childhood is the Lion King. I think Cinderella was a close second.

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