7 Reasons to Donate Your Hair: Make the Cut Without the Fear

Reasons to Donate Your Hair

Have you ever considered donating your hair? It doesn’t have to be scary. I promise!

I just chopped off another nine inches of my hair to donate. This was round two after lopping off nine inches four years ago. And while I feel really good about it, honestly at the same time I wish I had started doing this sooner.

For 25+ years I was stuck in a “long hair is part of my identity” mindset, and I also thought I just wouldn’t like how I looked with short hair. My face would look too round, my hair would be a puff ball, I wouldn’t know how to style it short, I would lose my VERY lucrative instamodeling contract. Do you have similar fears? No judgement here, lady. I get it.

Turns out my hair didn’t even end up being that short. And I didn’t hate it four years ago and I don’t hate it now. More importantly, I finally realized that it isn’t about me. If you have more than what you need, of anything, you give it to someone who doesn’t have enough. Plain and simple. And if I was going to pass out cold trying to give blood then I’d better find another avenue to give. (But give blood too! I promise I’m going to try again.)

Need some more encouragement? Here are seven reasons to donate your hair to make it a little less scary.

1. Hair Grows Pretty Fast!

The average person’s hair grows 1/2 inch a month. That’s six inches a year. And WAY more than I thought.

Sure, you will likely need trims while you are growing your hair out to donate. But you can still grow enough hair to feel comfortable making a big cut in a relatively short period of time. And think about that in relation to point number 2…

2. You Just Need 8 Inches

Pantene Beautiful Lengths is a hair donation foundation that helps create wigs free of charge for adult cancer patients. You’ve likely heard of Locks of Love which creates wigs for children with medical hair loss. Both wonderful groups, but I decided to go with Pantene Beautiful Lengths for my first donation because they require eight inches for a donation instead of ten. I stuck with them for round two.

If you want to donate your hair but are nervous about making the cut like I was, consider the Pantene option. Check out this article to compare the various donation options.

3. It’s Eco Friendly

Shorter hair means less water needed to wash your hair. It also means shorter sessions with the hair drier. Look at you – saving time AND the world! Go girl!

4. Save Some Dough

Shorter hair also = less shampoo and conditioner. Alright, maybe I’m stretching this one a little bit, but if you donate your hair you might save $5 in hair care supplies. That’s enough to buy a large ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s. Or ten stamps. Or a lightly used copy of Now That’s What I Call Music 11.

But more importantly, it saves some serious money for a cancer patient in need. According to BreastCancer.org, a real hair wig can cost between $800 and $3,000. That’s cost prohibitive for so many, particularly in the face of other numerous costs associated with cancer treatment. You can help bridge this gap.

5. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

You know what? I think you’d look darn cute with shorter hair! Don’t just take this internet person’s word for it. Upload your picture to this website and take a look for your self. Oh technology, you saucy minx.

6. Cancer Hits Close To Home

According to the American Cancer Society, there will be an estimated 1,735,350 new cancer cases diagnosed in 2018. So, sadly, chances are you know someone who has had cancer. It’s also likely you know someone who has gone through chemotherapy and lost his or her hair.

Think about the people you know who have battled this disease. Someone else’s hair donation may have helped them in their time of need. Making your donation helps keep the circle of good will going.

7. It Takes a Village

It takes between 20 and 30 ponytails to make one wig. You read that right, 20 to 30 hair donations to make a wig for one cancer patient. It takes an actual small village to help give someone the gift of self confidence during one of the most difficult times of their life. I’ve seen what a great wig can do for a person and it’s simply amazing.

And you know what? You’re amazing. You can do this.

With love and hair that still fits into a ponytail (reason #8!),

Reasons to Donate your hair without the fear

16 Replies to “7 Reasons to Donate Your Hair: Make the Cut Without the Fear”

  • Good for you! Your hair is beautiful–and that shoulder-length cut is super stylish. I’ve never been really attached to my hair, but having been a ballet dancer I did always have it long. (I can’t go too short because my chin is lacking!) Unfortunately, I’ve dyed it throughout the years–dark and dramatic as a teenager, and then highlights as I’ve gotten older (and mousier). I hope your post inspires those who can to give their hair! 20-30 ponytails for one wig–I didn’t know that. And don’t feel bad about the giving blood thing. I’ve tried too, passed out too, and been asked not to return to the Bloodmobile!

    • Crazy isn’t it! I had no idea either until I started researching it for my first donation. I know the hair dying part can be the tricky one for people. I couldn’t find a good solution around that one for this list.

      I’m glad I’m not alone with the whole blood situation. Low blood pressure – unite!

  • Two years ago when my next door neighbor told me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was going to have chemo the next thing she said with tears in her eyes was “I’m going to lose my hair”. I hugged her and told her to find a crochet pattern for a hat that she liked and I would make it for her. She didn’t get me a pattern so I made a couple and gave them to her. She wore one of them often until her hair grew back.
    Last summer when I was thinking about getting my hair cut because sometimes it just gets in the way, I though about her and decided to let mine grow so I could donate it to someone in need. It still gets in the way so usually I just put it up in a clip or ponytail and maybe in 6 months or so it will be long enough to donate. I hope they don’t mind some grey in it though.

    • What a wonderful reason to grow out your hair! I believe that a couple of the foundations are fine with grey hair. I hope that your neighbor is doing well.

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