Summertime, And We’re Straight Up Exhausted

Summertime and we're straight up exhausted

I love summer. Probably even more than LFO loved summer.

And my love has grown even stronger with the addition of kids. Sidewalk chalk, toddlers rocking bathing suits, minimal zipping and buttoning of outwear – adorable and easy and glorious.

Give me all the summer.

BUT, I do have a small bone to pick with parenthood summer. A bone best picked in song.

Ella and George will provide us the background music and I hope they’ll forgive me for some lyrical adjustments.



Summertime, and we’re straight up exhausted
Birds are singin’, waking kids up at dawn
Oh, your daddy’s tired and your ma is slow blinkin’
So hush, little baby, how ’bout some TV?

One of these mornings maybe it will be raining
And you’ll sleep till 6:30, and we’ll snooze with the dark sky
But till that morning, we’ll be ready for lunch by 7
With daddy and mommy sleep walkin’ by

One of these mornings you’re going to stay in your room
And you’ll get some crayons and you’ll sit quietly by
But till that morning, you’ll have pressing A.M. questions
While daddy and mommy silently cry

Summertime, and we’re feeling real tired
Sun is shining’ in the too early sky
Oh, your daddy needs sleep and your mama is draggin’
So hush, little baby, more blackout curtains we’ll buy

With love and under eye concealer,
Summertime, and we're straight up exhausted. An ode to tired parents this summer as their kids wake up with the sun. #funnymoms #parentinghumor #toddlers

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