There’s Nothing Terrible About Two

2 year old petting zoo birthday party

I distinctly remember sitting up in bed at night while pregnant with Norah panicking about the idea of having two kids incredibly close in age.

How could I take care of two babies?

How will I physically carry both of them?

What if they both resent me for not giving them enough individual attention and end up bringing me on a daytime talk show?

And there was another point of worry.

Oh sweet Cheezits… at some point we will have a three year old and two year old. Together. In our home. All the time.

I had heard enough about how “the terrible twos are hard but just wait until you have a threenager” to feel my panic was justified.

A Two Year Old and a Three Year Old Walk Into a Bar Petting Zoo

Fast forward 2 years and 9 months and here we are. As of today, a two year old and a three year old live here. So far so good. But to be fair it has only been a few hours.

According to Norah Bean, she has a solid 24 hours of 2dom under belt though because we had her birthday party yesterday. She spent a good part of the day saying “Norah’s Birthday!” and “It’s my birthday!” and “2!!” in her a-stinking-dorable two year old voice and I didn’t dare correct her. She brought the cute and the happy, and she brought them hard. I couldn’t be prouder.

two year old girl birthday outfit

I also couldn’t be prouder of the decision we made to host a petting zoo at our home for a bunch of toddlers. Money well spent. I felt like the second coming of Walt Disney as the kids lined up around the gate and more and more tiny baby animals were ushered onto the yard to frolic and cuddle.

Norah wasn’t keen on the ducks, but she enjoyed the animals from a safe distance. Her joy was found more in the company of the humans. But Jack would have left our family to go live with Miss Cindy and the Enchanted Animals company if we hadn’t bribed him back with cake. So wins all around I’d say.

two year old girl birthday tutu

Who’s That Little Lady?

In addition to crushing the birthday party game, Norah continues to live life to the beat of her own drum while giving everyone else music to dance to.

She calls us Mommio and Daddio which is super weird, but also makes us feel like really hip rap artists. The girl knows how to boost the self esteem of 30 somethings who write lame things like “really hip rap artists.”

Norah also says “Bless You” within milliseconds of anyone in her vicinity sneezing. Or coughing. Or yawning. She just really wants you to feel your best. Genuinely.

She is low key obsessed with Moana, who was the dopest of Disney Princesses. She gives the BEST running hugs. And she sings Ba Ba Black Sheep with perfect pitch. While standing on the chair daring us to interrupt her song in the name of safety.

In a word – she’s awesome.

two year old birthday shirt and skirt

Won’t You Take Me To Toddler Town

So will this year be challenging? Yeah probably. There will be a lot of opinions. A lot of “that’s my spot!” And a lot of rice strewn about our home like we live outside the church of an 80s wedding.

But dang, it’s going to be super cute too. There’s nothing terrible about two.

Happy Birthday, my brave, beautiful, kind little lady. I love you to the moon and back.

With the hope I can be as cool as my daughter some day,

P.S. Norah’s outfit found here on Amazon. (affiliate link)

P.P.S. My outfit found at Marshall’s five years ago probably.

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