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Sometimes I think that my blog might be a bit creating a bit of reader whiplash.

One minute I’m going down a road of emotions, the next I’m dedicating entire posts to The Spice Girls. One day I’ll provide useful advice on toddler sleep, and the next I’m offering my thoughts on new nonfiction releases. Oh and to really mess with you I’ll talk about mice infestations and then go ahead and discussĀ career development in a piece about swimsuits.

But here’s the deal – managing family, managing career, and managing to laugh through it all.

If I can fit a topic that’s rattling around the old noggin into one of those categories, or ideally more than one of those categories at the same time, then it’s getting 900 words and a cover photo. I’m more than one thing, you’re more than one thing, so we’ll all be our fantastically multidimensional people together.


Fake News Here, Get Your Fake News

But then there are piece of writing that really belong somewhere else. I write pieces about recruiting strategy for work, I have a children’s book in the works with my sister in law that I’m psyched out of my MIND about, and then I publish on other sites too. A new one for me this week, Mock Mom.

I’ve been messing around with the idea of trying my hand at some satire for a little while. I’ll read anything The Onion puts out there as hilarious fake news. However, the style seemed a bit removed from my typical narrative run on sentence texting with the bestie type of writing so I hadn’t pulled the trigger.

But then I found Mock Mom, which is basically The Onion meets a Facebook Mom’s Group. Everything on there is hilarious and I’m thrilled to get my fake news reporter on to document the moment a mom finally silently escapes a sleeping child’s room.


Check out Mock Mom!

So without further ado, my first published piece over on Mock Mom. Enjoy some late breaking news that while fictionalized and starring my imaginary friend, Kristy McAllister, is definitely based on a very real story.

MockMom Article - Becca Carnahan


Thanks as always for visiting my corner(s) of the World Wide Web!


With fakeness and realness,

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