In Defense of the Participation Trophy

In defense of the participation trophy


Ask anyone how they feel about participation trophies and 9 times out of 10 you’re going to get a “Oh, no! The downfall of America’s youth!”

But I’m taking a stand in favor of the participation trophy. I think there’s some inherent value in rewarding participation in the form of something a kid can run home and put on his or her bookshelf.

So before you write off participation trophies entirely, hear me out on this and check out my new article on Her View From Home.

Alright millennials, Gen X, Gen Y, baby boomers, what do you think? Participation trophies – yea or nay?

With love and tiny trophies,

Becca Carnahan Blog

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2 Replies to “In Defense of the Participation Trophy”

  • All of the millennial hate drives me crazy. If people would stop to look for a second, millennials are doing so much good. Less waste, more environmental awareness, etc. and we work for less pay while having more student loan debt. Grr.

    Back on topic…I think participation trophies are great for younger kids, as long as coaches are emphasizing working hard and making improvement. Seeing the grins on their faces is just the best. The only thing that bugs me with kids sports are the “The most important thing is to have fun” coaches (and parents) who ultimately teach the kids nothing. Sports should be fun, but they should also be a learning experience.

    • Great points and I completely agree. Have fun, but also learn a new skill, learn teamwork, etc. Then if they have given it their best shot, I said hand over that trophy. 🙂

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