Let’s Give the Full Moon a Break

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Let’s give the full moon a break

Sometimes as a parent I pass the buck when my kids are acting a fool.

“Must have been a friend at school who taught him that!”

“Must have gotten that from TV…”

“Must be a full moon!”

What’s the Full Moon Got to Do, Got To Do With It?

The full moon is a particularly convenient scapegoat because what am I going to do, control the moon??

I was thinking about this one day and realized that blaming the moon is pretty uncool. Sure, there is something about moon phases and gravitational pull, but like I tell my kids, I need to own my choices.

Then I started to think how common the “full moon” excuse is and how the moon feels about all this…

And then I must have had three glasses of wine because I turned around and wrote a completely bizarre piece of satire about it.

The ladies at Mock Mom find me ridiculous, and fortunately funny, so they published it. So here it is, my open letter from the moon.

Full moon sick of everyone blaming their problems on it. #satire #humor

With the urge to get a CAT scan now,

Becca Carnahan Blog

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