For Cousins, You Drive

For cousins you drive

Somewhere in the hours between mountains and wide open spaces

I lost my chill, my cool, and all my patience.

But as we rolled to a stop and four little legs joined more little legs

I remembered why we drive.

We drive to make memories of kites and scraped knees

Of popsicles, piggybacks, swinging on trees.

There are Legos, and geckos, and sweet doggie kisses.

Playgrounds, and unicorns, hunting for fishes.

Siblings are wonderful to have by your side

But a cousin brings something new to the ride

A confidante, buddy, a real piece of your heart

Who is there to make memories, and share their Pop Tarts

A cousin brings magic, newness, and joy

They are there when you’re still a small girl or boy

They will also be there until the very end

When you start losing people, and need a true friend

I reflect on the times that my parents drove us

Knowing full well we would squirm, whine, or fuss.

It’s not easy, but then again most things worth it are not.

But for cousins, you drive.

With love for the journey,

Becca Carnahan Blog

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