A Blogger’s To-Do List

I use my iPhone for everything. Everything. Once I dropped my phone on the ground and the front smashed into shards of glass and my first instinct was not “don’t use your phone” it was “put it in a plastic sandwich bag so you can still use it without shredding your fingers.” Well actually, no, that’s not true. My first instinct was to try to use the phone anyways and I ended up bleeding everywhere. Second instinct was the bag.

A blogger's to-do list is a little different
It’s almost kind of beautiful. But also really really not.

There are lots of great iPhone apps but some of my favorite functionality is built right into the good old base model. Like Reminders. Before having kids, I used the reminder function on my phone primarily for grocery lists that I wouldn’t leave on the counter. So my list looked like this:

Buy a leafy green, it won’t kill you
Ice cream

After having kids, I still use it for grocery lists but also everyday things because my brain has turned to mush. So Reminders has become a more comprehensive To-Do list and up until recently looked like this:

1% milk
Whole milk
Jack should be Jack Sparrow for Halloween!
1 million diapers
Ask dermatologist about this mole
You can’t wear slippers to work

And then along came blogging. I still need groceries, I still need to remember things, and now I need to write down awesome ideas at 4:30am. So my To-Do list now looks like this:

1% milk
2% milk
Whole Milk
Almond Milk
Ask doctor if it’s possible to become more lactose intolerant
Norah should be a lady bug for Halloween!
Kevin Garnett bought me a Corolla
Car headlights still work in a power outage
Giant inflatable penis to hook onto a boat
5 million diapers
More bread
I really want to invent something
Get a haircut
Whoop Hair It Is

Kevin Garnett
Thanks buddy! No, YOU’RE the best!

I don’t think any of those things need more context. You? We’re all good then? Great.

What’s on your To-Do list? Any professional athletes? Inappropriate boat accessories? Bread?

With the understanding that this post provided more questions than answers and the promise that at least half of those questions will get answered eventually,*


*But not the ones you want.

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