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Thanks for stopping by With Love, Becca for some laughs, some tears, and some career inspiration! You’re going to find a mixed bag of topics and formats below. But I like it like that. None of us are one dimensional!


Embracing the One Piece Bathing Suit

3 pieces of career advice from a 1 piece bathing suit. Lots of laughs, and it’s helpful. Who would have thunk it?

43 Hilarious Parents on Twitter

Twitter is to parents as Instagram is to really beautiful people who are always on the beach. It’s where we shine.

What the Spice Girls Taught Me About Parenting Toddlers

You thought Wannabe was about lovers and friends? Oh honey… No.

When to Move Your Toddler Into a Big Kid Bed

The short answer: 18.

Procreating Ain’t Easy: The Trying To Conceive In-Between

Real talk – trying to have a baby isn’t all rainbows and rolls in the hay for everyone.

There Are Three: How Miscarriage Broke My Heart and Gave Me Everything

Fair warning. This one isn’t funny. But it’s my whole heart.


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