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How to Find a Hobby You Love

Find a hobby you love, tips for moms

When I talk with other moms about hobbies there are two major roadblocks: Time and Lack of Ideas. Time seems obvious. There’s never enough time. For anything. Except maybe there is. Especially when you find something that you love. So Read more…

How to Write a Resume that Works: Tips to Take Your Resume from “Meh” to “We Need to Meet Her!”

How to Write a Resume That Works #resumetips #resumewriting #resume

How to write a resume that works – Resume writing tips When is the last time you updated your resume? You probably added in your most recent role the last time you were applying to a job. But maybe that Read more…

The Unexpected Gift Within Parenthood

The magical gift our children give us: Inspiration #parenting #raisingkids #careergrowth #hobbies

Children give us the gift of inspiration This post was originally shared on InspireMore. She looks up at me as she confidently states the five letters of her name, pointing at each one that adorns her bedroom wall for decoration. Read more…

4 Tips & Tricks from a Work From Home Mom & Entrepreneur

Work from home mom tips and tricks - Amanda Grazioli #workfromhome #workingmom #workfromhomemom

Two years ago I had lunch with my good friend and former roommate, Amanda Grazioli. As we devoured some really killer pizza, she let me know that she was leaving her job at a nonprofit and starting her own company. Read more…

“You don’t want to throw your career away!”

"You don't want to throw your career away!" Hearing that got me really fired up. And determined to fight for your right do what is best for you and your family. #workingmom #sahm #career

“You don’t want to throw your career away!” Excuse me? Back. Up. Right now. My blood started to boil as I sat across from a woman I didn’t know very well. I had mentioned that my oldest child would be Read more…

To Stop Getting Rejected From Jobs, Stop Applying

To stop getting rejected from jobs, stop applying #careeradvice #careerexploration #careergrowth #personaldevelopment

How to Stop Getting Rejected from Job Applications. Actively pursuing a career change but it’s not going anywhere? Applying like crazy, but not hearing back? Want to stop getting rejected from jobs? Here’s what you should do. Stop applying. I’m Read more…

How to Be Creative in 2 Easy Steps

How to be creative in two easy steps #creativity #creative #inspiration #careeradvice

how to be creative There once was a firefighter named Rogeroni who had a dog named Spot. Spot only liked to eat macaroni. The Backstreet Boys were supposed to have a concert but aliens took away their ability to dance. Read more…

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