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Your Disney Movie Bracket Questions Answered

Dear Becca, I’m excited about A Very Disney Movie Bracket but I need more information. You basically explained nothing in the last post. I mean, it was funny, but kind of light on details. Love, Everyone Fair enough.

101 Baby Names Including Herkimer Sullivan

101 baby names including Herkimer Sullivan

Naming kids is hard. It seems super fun, but then all of a sudden you’ve worked out 14 different horrible nicknames for every single name in the baby book that you and your partner agree on. Or you realize that Read more…

100 Posts and The Reason I’ll Never Be a Knee Model

100 blog posts

My mom HATES this story. And as a parent now I get why she hates it. She was going above and beyond as a mother; I was being kind of clumsy, and then I proceed to blame her for my Read more…

The Matchbook Urn: A Family Love Story

February on With Love and a Little Self-Deprecation is dedicated to love. Family love, friendship love, marriage love, “that wasn’t even close to being” love – just lots and lots of love. But in a funny way, I promise. Today’s My Read more…

It’s Not a Beauty Pageant, It’s a Scholarship Program

It's not a beauty pageant, it's a scholarship program

It’s Not a Beauty Pageant, It’s a Scholarship Program “It’s not a beauty pageant, it’s a scholarship program.” Let’s call a spade a spade, while I was doing a lot of Sandra Bullock quoting at the time, it was a Read more…

Sinterklaas: The Fun and Terrifying Reason Dutch Kids are Well Behaved

Celebrating Sinterklaas  Happy Sinterklaas! Did your shoe get filled with chocolate overnight? Was it on purpose or did your toddler get a hold of some old Halloween candy? Or a bottle of chocolate syrup… Either way, look at you celebrating Read more…

My Best Brother’s Wedding

My best brother's wedding - Rocky Mountain Wedding

The universally agreed upon “forever age” for younger siblings is 8. (I checked with like 5 sources on this so don’t worry about doing your own research. It’s been covered.) If you have a younger sibling, no matter how old they Read more…

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