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When Today was a Dumpster Fire

When today was a dumpster fire, it helps to have some perspective.

On Working Mom Life, Setting Intentions, and Knowing What To Do When All Else Fails   Today was a dumpster fire. A real tons of burning trash, everything is terrible, no good very bad day. But before we get to Read more…

We Cut Cable and Here’s What Happened

What happened when a family of four with two young kids cut cable.

The Three Things We Noticed After We Cut Cable   Some people pack up their belongings and move into a tiny home. Others RV it across the country or live off the land. My family’s attempt at embracing a minimalist Read more…

15 Funny Mom Memes That Pair Well With Wine and Leggings

Funny mom memes that pair well with wine and leggings. #momlife #momhumor

Moms Who Love to Laugh, This One is For You!   I have another new hobby. It’s ridiculous and I love it. If I were to try to be fancy about it I would call this hobby “graphical storytelling.” If Read more…

6 Things You Might Forget To Bring on a Road Trip with Kids

6 Things You Might Forget To Bring on a Road Trip with Kids - The funny, the useful, the extremely important!

If You’re Going to Survive a Road Trip with Kids, Don’t Forget These!   Last month we took a trip to Colorado and Wyoming to visit family. Have you ever been? It’s gorgeous out there. Wide open spaces, mountain vistas, Read more…

Behind The Scenes of Professional Family Photos: The Funny, The Dangerous & The Beautiful

Behind the scenes of a professional family photo shoot - the funny, the helpful, the beautiful. #familyphotos

Capturing the Moment with Lyndsay Hannah Photography   You know when you’re scrolling through Facebook and you come across someone’s beautiful professional family photos? The ones in which the whole family looks like super models made babies with angels and Read more…

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome with the Power Pose: Fake It ‘Till You Become It

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome - fake it till you become it!

Strike a Power Pose – You’ve Got This   We’ve all heard the phrase “fake it ‘till you make it.” But what if the script was flipped so that you “fake it ‘till you become it”? That’s what social psychologist Read more…

5 Reasons It’s Totally Okay To Cry Over Spilled Milk

5 reasons it's okay to cry over spilled milk.

Sometimes Spilled Milk Is Kind of a Big Deal   The saying goes “there’s no use crying over spilled milk.” It’s not supposed to be taken literally, I get that. But I really think we need a better saying to Read more…

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