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The Music Stopped, But She Didn’t

Young girl singing on stage

The music faltered, and she looked frantically to the side but kept going. It skipped one beat too many, and a look of panic on her face could be seen from the back row. We all shifted nervously in our Read more…

How Kevin Garnett Took My Job and Introduced Me to My Husband

Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics

Do you ever wonder what your life would look like if one thing had gone differently? If you had chosen a different college? Practiced harder at basketball? Studied for that test? Not gotten on that plane? I was left wondering Read more…

How to Find a Hobby You’ll Love

When I talk with other moms about hobbies there are two major roadblocks: Time and Lack of Ideas. Time seems obvious. There’s never enough time. For anything. Except maybe there is. Especially when you find something that you love. So Read more…