I’d Marry February – In Defense of America’s Least Favorite Month

I would marry February

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone

We are deep into March and I’m feeling it in every bone in my body. In March, spring feels like a heartbeat away. You convince yourself that in a mere moment there will be birds chirping, the winter boots will be tucked away, and we will experience the sweet freedom of being outside without wind tears. But every time you think you see spring on the horizon in March, it is cruelly ripped away and replaced by 3 feet of snow. Over and over again.

So if I’m desperately seeking spring, why would I be writing a defense of February? An arguably colder month that has in fact been voted America’s least favorite month. Because that’s exactly why, it doesn’t deserve that title. And if I were going to marry a month, I definitely would not marry March. Not a chance. Furthermore, while I like other months, I like them like a friend. In contrast, I would absolutely marry February. 

Oh good! I’m so glad you asked why!

I would marry February. In defense of America's least favorite month.

February is Stable

You never know what you are going to get in March. In like a lion, out like a lamb they say. But sometimes it is in like a lamb, then it’s a lion the next day, then a kangaroo, a koala, a snapping turtle, and an angry chain smoking giraffe. Honestly the same could be said of April.

But February doesn’t play games. It’s cold in February. It’s going to snow. We know the deal. I enjoy having my expectations be met in a relationship.

February is Whimsical

Stability is great in a relationship because you feel like you know where you stand. There is a comfort level.

But what’s life without a little whimsy? So February brings just a touch of spice by adding a day every four years, just for fun! How adorable is that? No other month adds a day – they couldn’t get away with it. Add in a holiday dedicated to allowing an animal to predict the weather and you have just the right amount of cute little habits that will endear you to a calendar spouse.

One more once of whimsy and February would be all up in your face like December.

February is Self-Aware

February knows that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea because of the slush, sub zero temperatures, and it’s rather divisive Hallmark holiday. But to make up for all that, February has made itself easier to get through than other months by shortening itself by several days AND offering up a day off work holiday mid month. That’s excellent self-awareness, not to mention quite thoughtful.

Does March do that? Absolutely not. There will be no reprieve. Plus it’s like March doesn’t even know that it’s being a pain in everyone’s rear, shoulders, and noses. March thinks it’s totally “all that and a bag of chips”, if you will, so of course you’re going to enjoy all 31 days and the full work weeks. My word… I couldn’t even date March.

February Loves You Like You Are

January wants you to be the optimal version of yourself and strive for greatness.ย  July wants you to be living your best life and spending every single moment outside soaking up summer. December wants you to be full of holiday cheer at all times. Don’t even get me started on October.

But sometimes a girl just wants to eat her body weight in chocolate while sitting on the couch watching QVC and not feel bad about that. You know what month lets you do that? February. It doesn’t want to change you and it refrains from judgement. February is the #youdoyouboo of months.

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Till March Do We Part

So next time the good people at Gallup do a favorite month poll, give February a chance. It doesn’t have to be your favorite month. Because September. Clearly. But does it honestly deserve last place? I argue no. And March 2018 is REALLY proving my point for me.

Oh and February, if this thing with Glen doesn’t pan out, I’ll give you a call. I honestly think we could make this work.

With very strong feelings about this,


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