43 of the Funniest Parents on Twitter

43 Hilarious Parents on Twitter

Funniest Parents on Twitter 

Twitter is to funny parents as Instagram is to really beautiful people who are somehow always on a beach.

It’s where we shine. Where we can really spread our wings and fly. Where we can say “huh, I wonder if that was funny? Welp, this is low stakes. Tweet!”

And oh my gosh, the funny is real. It is so real. Pee your pants a little real.

So settle in to meet 43 of the funniest parents on Twitter and get your pointer finger ready to click “follow” because you’re going to want more of this in your life.

Kids give the sickest of burns.

Ergonomically correct. Appropriate width for pancakes.

Funny parents on Twitter have funny kids.

But, but… what?

Come at me, bro.

Life isn’t always fair.

And to finish, the dessert salad menu.

Don’t worry, parents. I’ve got this.

Oh, the humanity!

Some sayings are misleading.

Take what you can get.


Hat tip to you.

She’s got this.

Who’s really in charge here?

Just trust her.

A plan I can get on board with.

I feel like there’s a good Guts reference here too.

Funny parents on Twitter, Panicked parents in real life

RIP Naps

2,500. I mean… I don’t know…

Not the only thing that toddlers and Nelly have in common.

It’s science.

It’ll just take a minute.

I admire her courage.


Parenting requires flexibility in interior decorating


Sean gives the final rose to the funniest parents on Twitter 

Snacks, snacks, snackssnackssnackssnacks

I love it.



You never know.

Pretty much.

This is where I’ll be having my 35th birthday party.


I believe that children are our future.

I too enjoy Spirit Week. Particularly the days that require very little of me.

Let me know what you find out. Please and thank you.

You’ve probably never heard of her.

Ready, GO!

Friends reference that ties perfectly with parenthood. End scene.

If you’re living that Twitter life, make sure these folks are on your list. If you think these are good, just wait. They are all bringing the funny on the regular.

With the original intention of making this a list of 25 but parents can’t help it if they’re funny,

43 hilarious parents on Twitter
43 hilarious parents on Twitter

funniest parents on twitter

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