She just turned 3 but she’s always my baby to me

With many thanks to Billy Joel’s She Always a Woman, and with the happiest of birthdays to my sweet girl.

She’s Always My Baby to Me

She’s got a killer smile, and heart-melting eyes
She can break down your resolve with her sad little cries
And she only sits still when something good’s on TV
She is three now but she’s always my baby to me

She’s got a heart full of love, but she can take you or leave you
She will ask for a sloth, a pig, and an emu
And she’ll have pasta, no sauce. Pancakes? She’ll take three
Yeah, she steals all my snacks but she’s always my baby to me

Oh, she dresses herself, we can wait if she wants
So we’re rarely on time
Oh, she never gives up and she never gives in
She just changes her mind

And she’ll promise you she’ll stay in bed until morning
Then she’ll show up at midnight and laugh while you’re yawning
But she brings out the best and the worst I can be
Blame it all on myself ’cause she’s always my baby to me

Oh, she can buckle herself, cracks an egg like a pro
She’s ahead of her time
Oh, she’ll give you hug and a tiny high five
She just wants to be kind

She’s freakishly fast and she’s rocking preschool
She does as she pleases, breaks the occasional rule
But she’s figuring it out, she’s just turned three
And the most she will do is withhold nap time from you
But she’s always my baby to me

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