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How To Survive Daylight Savings With Kids (And Without Coffee)

Surviving daylight savings with kids

Daylight Savings with Kids: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly   I have to admit something that might get me kicked out of the sisterhood of motherhood… I don’t drink coffee. Sometimes I even question it myself. Like, do I Read more…

5 Fun Baby Shower Games That Pair Well With Mimosas

Baby Shower Activities - onesie decorating

“I’m going to a baby shower today.” – Me “What’s the baby’s name?” – Jack “I don’t know she hasn’t been born yet.” – Me “So why does she need to take a shower?” – Jack “Well, they just call Read more…

The Sibling Love Hug Tackle: Our Story on!

There's nothing like the love of a sibling.

Our family is on the Huggies website! Dude! How cool is that?   Hugs for Huggies This summer I was contacted by a writer doing an article for Huggies on first hugs between siblings. She wanted to feature me as Read more…

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