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5 Fun Baby Shower Games That Pair Well With Mimosas

Baby Shower Activities - onesie decorating

GET THE BABY PARTY STARTED! “I’m going to a baby shower today.” – Me“What’s the baby’s name?” – Jack“I don’t know she hasn’t been born yet.” – Me“So why does she need to take a shower?” – Jack“Well, they just Read more…

5 Easy Baby Books for Scrapbooking Dropouts

easy baby book alternatives to baby scrapbooks

I am a collector of memories. A moment curator. A true nostalgic. The type of person who should DEFINITELY be making baby scrapbooks for her kids. But I’m not. Not really. For as much as I cherish little moments and Read more…

Best Gear for 2 Under 2 Life

Best Gear for 2 Under 2 Life When you have two babies in two years you learn the ins and outs of baby supplies pretty darn quickly. Well, truth be told, by the second childĀ and through a lot of trial Read more…