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Finding Your Career Sweet Spot: Strengths, Passions and Value to Others

How to find your career sweet spot. Advice from a career coach on figuring out the next step in your career.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up (Next)? Let’s Find That Career Sweet Spot.   My two year old daughter, Norah, is a burrower. Norah sleeps with 3.4 million stuffed animals in her bed. She nestles her Read more…

Cover Letter Writing Tips from a Career Coach (And a Preschooler) – Free Template Included!

Write a perfect cover letter - cover letter tips

How do you write a cover letter that will make you stand out? Remember: It’s not about you! I’ve reviewed many cover letters in my day, both as a hiring manager and as a career coach. And nerd alert, I Read more…