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I Finally Read Harry Potter, and I Have Some Thoughts

Harry Potter Review

Harry Potter Book Review 18 Years Later Truth Time: I have never read Harry Potter. Correction: I had never read Harry Potter. Until now. Nearly two decades from when the first book was released. So yes, I finally decided to Read more…

The Unexpected Gift Within Parenthood

The magical gift our children give us: Inspiration #parenting #raisingkids #careergrowth #hobbies

Children give us the gift of inspiration This post was originally shared on InspireMore. She looks up at me as she confidently states the five letters of her name, pointing at each one that adorns her bedroom wall for decoration. Read more…

How to Be Creative in 2 Easy Steps

How to be creative in two easy steps #creativity #creative #inspiration #careeradvice

how to be creative There once was a firefighter named Rogeroni who had a dog named Spot. Spot only liked to eat macaroni. The Backstreet Boys were supposed to have a concert but aliens took away their ability to dance. Read more…

Why I’m Starting to Break the Rules

Sometimes we need to break the rules to really experience our lives.

Fair warning, this will be the second time in three months that I’ll reference lip syncing to Coolio on this blog and then somehow tie it into a life lesson. #sorrynotsorry Hip Hopping in the Rain The year – 1997. Read more…