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0 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips to Make You Feel Better About the State of Your Home

There are lots of articles about spring cleaning circulating around the internet right now. Which makes me want to dust. But also REALLY not want to dust. I’ll cut to the chase here and let you know this post will provide Read more…

The Tale of Elliptical Hill

My husband and I are both fairly educated people, but if you lived near us you would be writing letters to our various alma maters requesting that our degrees be rescinded in order to maintain academic quality and reputation. At Read more…

The Structural Significance of Baby Howie

Baby Howie

WELCOME TO THE FUN HOUSE We moved into our house in 2011. It has its issues, but there is a perfect spot for an extra tall Christmas tree, which is really all you can ask for in a home. (That Read more…

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