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Who Bit My Sister?

Biting, Brothers, and Mob Bosses   Norah has gotten bit at daycare a couple times this fall. I’m not psyched about it, but I understand. 1 year old kids don’t have a fully developed vocabulary to verbalize their feelings. They Read more…

My Brother’s the Favorite (And That’s Okay)

My Brother's The Favorite

No really, it’s fine that my brother is the favorite. Tom is just fundamentally better than I am and if I were my parents I would like him more too. In honor of his birthday this week I’ve put together a Read more…

Full-Contact Easter

As we all know, Easter is traditionally a holiday centered around full-contact no-holds-barred athletic competition. (Wait, no? Really? That’s not a generally accepted way to celebrate the mystery of our faith? Weird.)   Get Your Head in the Game Our Read more…

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