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12 Years of Musical Olympic Inspiration from Team USA

Team USA Olympic Theme Songs 2006-2018

I’m low key obsessed with the Olympics. I don’t ski, skate, bobsled, or curl, nor do I follow any of these sports throughout the year. But each and every Olympic winter sport captivates me every four years. Fortunately for everyone Read more…

Love & Football: A House Divided

One Couple, Two Football Teams, An Etsy Solution   Years ago I asked my mom “How are you supposed to know who to marry?” Sure there is love and respect and attraction, but what is the secret sauce for making Read more…

Kevin Garnett Bought Me a Corolla

How Kevin Garnett balanced my budget and bought me a Corolla

A Lesson in Sales, Cold Calling, and Dumb Luck   I’m a firm believer in creating yourself instead of finding yourself. Every step we make in our careers is an intentional one and we have the power to shape our Read more…

Roller Blades & Deceit

A story of roller blades, missing teeth, and lies.

Rolling with my Homies Glen and I were taking a walk on a bike trail a few years ago and we saw a guy on roller blades. Totally unprovoked, Glen turned to me and said “Hahaha, you would look ridiculous Read more…

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