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It’s Time to Embrace the One Piece Swimsuit and Dress for The Job We Want

One piece bathing suits for moms

In the business of finance, you have the three piece suit. In the business of chasing small children around a beach, you have the one piece swimsuit. And for this mom, that’s exactly the job I want. Itsy Bitsy Teeny Read more…

4 Inventions That Take Summer Up a Notch

4 inventions that take summer up a notch

Summertime has gotten me thinking a lot about the inventions that make our lives better and the brilliant people who came up with the ideas. To go on a not summer related first paragraph tangent real quick, my great great Read more…

Toddlers Don’t Sit: A Long Beach Island Vacation Recap

Vacationing with two toddlers at the beach is not for the faint of heart.¬†Or for those with a sub par fitness level. Fortunately one of our toddlers has a pretty healthy respect for the ocean and the other can’t run Read more…