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We Cut Cable and Here’s What Happened

What happened when a family of four with two young kids cut cable.

The Three Things We Noticed After We Cut Cable   Some people pack up their belongings and move into a tiny home. Others RV it across the country or live off the land. My family’s attempt at embracing a minimalist Read more…

What “This is Us” Got Wrong

What This Is Us Got Wrong

“This Is Us,” I Love You So, Except for One Thing   The scene: A Hollywood office during a pitch meeting. “Guys, I have an idea for a show. It’s going to be full of beautiful, dynamic characters who have Read more…

Here For The Right Reasons: Why We Love The Bachelor

Why we simply can't help it that we love The Bachelor. It's science.

I’ve made several nods to The Bachelor television franchise since the start of this blog many moons ago. (Well, March 2017, so like 3 moons?) And it seems like a good time to elaborate on my love as we are Read more…