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The Time Chicago Foolishly Tested Our Commitment to Friendship

Like an air traffic control fire would really keep us from our friends' wedding halfway across the country. Let's do this!

Throughout our lives we make lots of different friends. Not all of these friendships stick, which is okay because we grow and learn from them. But some friendships are real sticky, in a good way. I’ve written about some of Read more…

My Best Brother’s Wedding

My best brother's wedding - Rocky Mountain Wedding

The universally agreed upon “forever age” for younger siblings is 8. (I checked with like 5 sources on this so don’t worry about doing your own research. It’s been covered.) If you have a younger sibling, no matter how old they Read more…

Table 14: Compound of Dreams

35 minutes of Aerobics, 54 minutes of unidentified “Sport.” That was the report back from the exercise tracker on my Fitbit after Alex and Travis’ wedding. (Oh right, guys I got a new Fitbit so you don’t need to worry about Read more…