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4 Tips & Tricks from a Work From Home Mom & Entrepreneur

Work from home mom tips and tricks - Amanda Grazioli #workfromhome #workingmom #workfromhomemom

Two years ago I had lunch with my good friend and former roommate, Amanda Grazioli. As we devoured some really killer pizza, she let me know that she was leaving her job at a nonprofit and starting her own company. Read more…

“You don’t want to throw your career away!”

"You don't want to throw your career away!" Hearing that got me really fired up. And determined to fight for your right do what is best for you and your family. #workingmom #sahm #career

“You don’t want to throw your career away!” Excuse me? Back. Up. Right now. My blood started to boil as I sat across from a woman I didn’t know very well. I had mentioned that my oldest child would be Read more…

The 1 Thing That Saved My First Day Back To Work After Maternity Leave

What to expect when you are going back to work after maternity leave, and how to make it through day 1

What To Expect When You’re Expecting (To Go Back to Work After Maternity Leave)   Tomorrow is my best friend’s first day back to work after maternity leave. I wrote this for her because years ago a friend made my Read more…

When Today was a Dumpster Fire

When today was a dumpster fire, it helps to have some perspective.

On Working Mom Life, Setting Intentions, and Knowing What To Do When All Else Fails   Today was a dumpster fire. A real tons of burning trash, everything is terrible, no good very bad day. But before we get to Read more…

How Instacart Grocery Delivery Saved My Sanity

Instacart Grocery Delivery: A busy mom's review #grocerydelivery #lifehack #groceryshopping

Taking Online Shopping to the Next Level with Instacart Grocery Delivery I’m super excited to partner with Instacart grocery delivery for this post about saving money, time, and sanity. It’s the best thing since sliced bread, plus you get sliced Read more…

Cover Letter Writing Tips from a Career Coach (And a Preschooler)

Write a perfect cover letter - cover letter tips

The Unexpected Cover Letter Example You Need for Your Job Search I’ve reviewed many cover letters in my day, both as a hiring manager and as a career coach. And nerd alert, I LOVE them.  I’m always actively rooting for Read more…

6 Storytelling Podcasts That Will Make You Forget About TV

Podcast recommendations. Image:

Do you like TV? How about pizza, air, and happiness? Oh really – you do? How odd that we are so similar! Now, do you like TV but would be open to substituting your TV watching habit with storytelling podcasts Read more…

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