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I Finally Read Harry Potter, and I Have Some Thoughts

Harry Potter Review

Harry Potter Book Review 18 Years Later Truth Time: I have never read Harry Potter. Correction: I had never read Harry Potter. Until now. Nearly two decades from when the first book was released. So I finally decided to read Read more…

Let’s Give the Full Moon a Break

Full Moon - MockMom #satire #funny #humor

Let’s give the full moon a break Sometimes as a parent I pass the buck when my kids are acting a fool. “Must have been a friend at school who taught him that!” “Must have gotten that from TV…” “Must Read more…

How to Be Creative in 2 Easy Steps

How to be creative in two easy steps #creativity #creative #inspiration #careeradvice

how to be creative There once was a firefighter named Rogeroni who had a dog named Spot. Spot only liked to eat macaroni. The Backstreet Boys were supposed to have a concert but aliens took away their ability to dance. Read more…

Raising a Child With Strong Faith When You’re Not So Sure

Raising a child with strong faith when you're not so sure.

Raising a child with strong faith when you’re not so sure – new post on Scary Mommy I was making dinner one night when my three year old came up to me with a stack of papers in his hands. Read more…

In Defense of the Participation Trophy

In defense of the participation trophy

NEW ARTICLE ON HER VIEW FROM HOME Ask anyone how they feel about participation trophies and 9 times out of 10 you’re going to get a “Oh, no! The downfall of America’s youth!” But I’m taking a stand in favor Read more…

Top 3 Blog Posts from With Love, Becca 2018

Top blog posts of 2018

FAMILY, CAREERS, & LAUGHING THROUGH IT ALL 2018 was the year of 1, 2, 3 at our house. There was always either a 1 year old, a 2 year old, or a 3 year old living under our roof, and attempting to tear that roof Read more…

An Onion Walks Into a Mom Group

MockMom Fake News

NEW ARTICLE ON MOCK MOM!   Write What You Know Sometimes I think that my blog might be a bit creating a bit of reader whiplash. One minute I’m going down a road of emotions, the next I’m dedicating entire Read more…

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